Payment Method

F: How will I place my order?

A: Call our customer service toll free numbers: For Japan: 0120-924-890 / 03-4580-0315, For the Philippines: 856-9000 or 0917-8994483 For other Countries: (81) 3-4580-0315. Visit our online shop;


F: How will I pay for my product purchase?

A: For Japan orders, you can pay through CASH ON DELIVERY (Daibiki) by Sagawa Takkyubin. For CREDIT CARD to Sagawa Takkyubin or CASH REMITTANCE to Mosbeau Account. We also accept payment through PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer (BDO and China Bank).


Delivery Queries

F: Is there a delivery charge?

A: Orders are subject to additional ¥ 525 delivery charge for Japan. Additional shipping cost will be charge depending on your country.


F: How will I get my purchased product?

A: We'll have your product delivered to you thru our partner couriers Fedex, Air21 and EMS. For Japan orders, the product will be delivered thru Sagawa Takkyubin, the official courier of Mosbeau in Japan.


F: How many days is the lead time for the delivery?

A: For FEDEX and EMS delivery address outside USA; 5-10 working days. For Japan delivery 1-3 days and in the Philippines 1-3 days thru Air21.




F: How can I be a Mosbeau dealer in Japan?

A: Interested applicants can call our customer service toll free number 0120-924-890 / 03-4580-0315 and inform your attending consultant that you are interested to be a dealer.


F: How can I be a Mosbeau dealer in other countries?

A: Interested applicants can contact Mosbeau at 856-9000 or 0917-8994483. You may e-mail us at For more info click here.


Product Availability


F: How can I avail of Mosbeau products?

A: All Mosbeau products are available in Japan, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE, Germany, Singapore and Australia. You can also get our products online, visit